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The Suffolk County Sheriff's Office Chaplaincy program was established on April 26, 2018, by Suffolk County Sheriff Dr. Errol D. Toulon, Jr. The purpose of the Sheriff's Chaplaincy Program is to provide interfaith emotional and spiritual counsel to Sheriff's Office employees and their families during times of need and heightened stress and work in collaboration with the Interfaith Council.

The Sheriff’s Chaplaincy Program assists Suffolk County Sheriff’s Office employees by providing the following services:

  1. Render spiritual guidance, aid in fostering personal growth, and offer moral support in crisis situations, in an atmosphere of understanding and confidentiality.

  2. Counsel and support sworn officers, professional employees, and their family members, in personal matters and family difficulties, and provide referral resources when applicable.

  3. Visits to sick or injured officers in the hospital or at home when requested.

  4. Assist Sheriff’s Office personnel in making notifications to the families of officers who have been seriously injured, or upon the death of a member of the Sheriff’s Office.

  5. Participate in religious services for deceased members and offer support to the families of the deceased.

  6. Attend and offer prayers at official Sheriff’s Office functions:  i.e. Memorial Services, graduations, and award ceremonies.  All requests are coordinated through the Director of the Chaplains Program.

  7. When requested, assist Sheriff’s Office personnel (and the Crisis Intervention Team) in emergency situations such as multi-casualty incidents, officers shot or seriously injured, and during major disasters.

  8. In “emergency” situations an available Chaplain can be reached (24 hours) by phone, through the Radio Office Supervisor. In non-emergency situations, members may call on any Chaplain of their choice or, according to one’s individual religious affiliation.

  9. Although Sheriff’s Office Chaplains are affiliated with various religious denominations, they serve as Chaplains to the whole department in an ecumenical –interfaith role, regardless of an individual’s religious tradition or lack thereof.


Father Joseph D'Angelo

Joseph D'Angelo

Sister Michelle Bremer

Michelle Bremer

Rev. Charles A. Coverdale

Charles A. Coverdale

Rev. James P. McLaughlin

James P. McLaughlin

Rev. Daris A Dixon-Clark

Daris A. Dixon-Clark

Pastor Alex W. Bryant

Alex W. Bryant

Rev. John G. Fleischman

John G. Fleischmann

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