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  • Program Request | Suffolk County Sheriffs Office

    Program Request Form To request any of our programs, please fill out the form below. Our Community Relations Unit will contact you within 24-72 hours to confirm receipt of your request and to review the details and to the best of our ability, schedule your event. Please note: Although we will do our best, filling out this form is not a guarantee that we can accommodate your request. For more information or to get in contact with our Community Relations Unit, please contact Samantha Graviano by phone at (631) 852-5611 , (631) 852-5636 , or by email at PROGRAM REQUEST FORM Programs Requested (select all that apply for this event): Car Seat Safety Checks College Internship Program CRASE (Citizen Response to Active Shooter Events) GREAT (Gang Resistance Education and Training) K-9 Demonstration McGruff Anti-Bullying Program (Grades 1-2) Operation Safe Child ID Cards Sandy Hook Promise Say Something (Grades 6-12) Sandy Hook Promise Start With Hello (Grades K-5) Senior ID Cards STOPPED Drunk Buggies (students must be 15 years or older) Pet ID Cards Shed the Meds (Drug Take Back Program) Stop the Bleed Training Substance Abuse Awareness Presentation (for students) Substance Abuse Awareness (for school administrators/nurses) Test, Don't Guess (Drug and/or Alcohol Test Kits) Vaping Awareness Presentation (for students grades 6 or older) Building Vulnerability Assessments YES Youth Enlightenment Seminar Jail Tours At-Risk Youth Jail Tours Special Request / Other Submit Thank you for requesting one of our presentations. Someone will get back to you within 48 hour business hours. If you need immediate assistance, please contact our Community Relations Unit at (631) 852-5611

  • ABOUT US | Suffolk County Sheriffs Office

    About the Suffolk County Sheriff's Office Welcome to the Suffolk County Sheriff's Office On January 1, 2018, Dr. Errol D. Toulon, Jr. became Suffolk County, New York's 67th Sheriff and the County's first African American to be elected to a non-judicial countywide office. ​ Now serving his second term as Suffolk's highest-ranking law enforcement official, he continues to serve and protect the county's 1.5 million residents through innovative programs to reduce crime and recidivism, and by implementing sound fiscal policies. Read more about Sheriff Toulon Learn more about our Staff The Suffolk County Sheriff's Office Serving a population of over 1.5 million, the Suffolk County Sheriff's Office works tirelessly to serve and protect our residents through innovative programs to reduce inmate recidivism, by promoting sound fiscal policies and by working cooperatively with law enforcement and community groups throughout the county to improve safety in our jails and our neighborhoods. ​ The Suffolk County Sheriff's Office also plays a significant role in patrolling our roadways; Deputy Sheriffs are out in force all year long throughout the county. Our innovative Mobile DWI Processing Unit helps us efficiently apprehend suspected drunk and impaired drivers, and has a deterrent effect on anyone contemplating driving while under the influence. Some of the Sheriff’s Office's responsibilities include: Operates the two Suffolk County correctional facilities (in Yaphank and Riverhead), provides county courthouse security and detention. Is responsible for patrolling and investigating all crimes committed on the county-owned property such as county government office buildings and plays a leading law enforcement role in the Long Island Pine Barrens. Has a Countywide DWI Enforcement Team which consists of 3 Drug Recognition Experts (D.R.E.), which is funded by the STOP-DWI program. Issues pistol permits for the five East End towns of Suffolk County through its Pistol License Bureau. Has an Emergency Management Section: the Sheriff and the County Executive are the two County Officials with a broad range of authority in declaring a State of Emergency. Operates a Domestic Violence Bureau. Deputy Sheriffs assigned to this command serve and enforce the Orders of Protection; they arrest individuals charged with violating Orders of Protection and those with Family Offense related warrants. The third function is to provide victims with a safe refuge by removing batterers from the home, seizing weapons and executing all arrest warrants against the perpetrators of domestic violence. Has several specialized sections, including K-9, Marine Patrol, a Dive Team, a Mountain Bike Unit, an ATV Unit, the Sheriff's Emergency Response Team (SERT), an Honor Guard, Air Support Unit, Grants Bureau, and a tactical entry weapons team and a sniper section. Is the Downstate New York Coordinator for Project Lifesaver International. Project Lifesaver is a Countywide Emergency Locator Service capable of finding those diagnosed with cognitive impairment (Alzheimer's Disease, Dementia, Autism, Down Syndrome, etc.) which may cause them to wander and become lost. Those enrolled in the program wear a one-ounce tracking device that can be tracked by specially trained Deputy Sheriffs. ​ Learn about the history of the Sheriff's Office Executive Staff Undersheriff Steven J. Kuehhas Read bio Undersheriff Kevin T. Catalina Read bio Deputy Undersheriff Michael J. Catuosco Read bio Chief Deputy Sheriff Christopher Brockmeyer Read bio Chief of Staff Charles L'Hommedieu Read bio Warden Michael J. Franchi Read bio Learn more about all our command staff Civil Enforcement Pistol Licensing Program Request Locations

  • Reentry & Rehabilitation | Suffolk County Sheriffs Office

    Reentry & Rehabilitation Correctional Programming START Resource Center Interfaith Council Sheriff's Office Chaplains Community Advisory Board Community/School Programs

  • Correctional Programming | Suffolk County Sheriffs Office

    Correctional Programming Special Programs for County Inmates ​ The Suffolk County Correctional Facility is well known for its rehabilitation programming. Under Sheriff Toulon's leadership, the jail has become a place where the word corrections means more than just providing secure housing, it's a place where people have opportunities to rebuild their lives, change their thinking, and obtain support. Correctional Counselors are on staff to meet with inmates during their first week at the jail. During these meetings, Correctional Counselors survey an inmate's needs and discuss future goals. Based on these initial discussions, inmates are enrolled in services and programs that will aid in their rehabilitation. ​ Rehabilitation takes many forms. In some cases, county inmates are placed in special programmatic housing areas listed below. In other cases, they will have opportunities to enroll in vocational training, work programs, and attend meeting with groups such as Alcoholics Anonymous and many others. Programs like Council for Unity address gang-related issues, the Long Island Council for Drug and Alcoholism works with those addicted to a range of substances, and the Fatherhood Initiative provides classes in parenting and reconnecting with family. ​ Upon entry to the Suffolk County Correctional Facility, inmates will be encouraged to participate in programs, and engage in re-entry counseling, which starts inside the jail and doesn't even end upon release. Our S.T.A.R.T. Resource Center on the grounds of the Yaphank Jail is a place where former inmates can receive ongoing assistance from the time they are released. ​ Programmatic Housing Areas ​ Choose Your Path is a programmatic housing area for incarcerated young adults between the ages of 18-25. It offers youth a robust selection of vocational training, schooling, counseling, pre-release and post-release transitional services, and mental health support. All of the inmates work a 40-hour work week doing a combination of programs and work assignments inside the jail. Correction Officers assigned to Choose Your Path received special training to work with young adults and a Correctional Counselor oversees the program. Choose to Thrive is a programmatic housing area for female inmates at the Suffolk County Correctional Facility. The program features a variety of supportive services, mental health services, vocational training, parenting and family reunification, and frequent visits from outside agencies that specialize in transitioning women from incarceration to the community. The initiative is overseen by a Correctional Counselor. The Sheriff’s Addiction Treatment Program (SATP) is an intensive substance abuse treatment initiative designed for incarcerated individuals with a range of criminal charges, all of which correlate to their substance use disorders. Participants in the program can either be sentenced or un-sentenced, but in either case, they must have a minimum of thirty days left in-custody to enter the program. Length of stay in the program varies, but it is guided largely by the individual’s progress. The program is designed around three basic educational phases. The SATP is staffed with Social Workers and Credentialed Alcoholism and Substance Abuse Counselors (CASACs) who provide both group and individual treatment sessions. Correction Officers are specifically dedicated to the treatment dorms and these officers are part of the treatment team. The Human Trafficking Unit is staffed by three correction officers that work along with other jail personnel, outside federal, state and local law enforcement agencies, and human service providers to identify victims of human trafficking and human traffickers. These officers use a variety of methods to identify possible trafficking victims as they enter the correctional facility, conduct interviews -- and train other staff to detect and report signs of trafficking. They are also making program/legal referrals, and pulling together outside resources with the goal of helping to provide incarcerated victims of human trafficking the tools to transition to a safer environment upon discharge. Since its inception in 2018, this initiative has led to the successful prosecution of numerous human trafficking and other criminal networks, while helping the victims to reclaim their lives. ​ The Veterans and Senior Program POD at the Suffolk County Correctional Facility offers specialized services at the Suffolk County Correctional Facility geared towards older inmates, as well as veterans of the armed forces. The program includes case management and visits from human service providers that specialize in working with older inmates, as well as veterans. The Suffolk County Correctional Facility has partnered with the Northport VA and the Veterans of Foreign Wars to help veterans transition from jail to the community. ​ ​

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