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  • Services | Suffolk County Sheriff's Office

    Sheriff's Office Services Civil Enforcement Pistol Licensing Mileage & Fee Chart Property Execution Motor Vehicle Levy Income Garnishment Orders of Protection FOIL Requests

  • Pet Network | Suffolk County Sheriff's Office

    Sheriff's Pet Network Suffolk County Sheriff Dr. Errol D. Toulon, Jr. is proud to announce Suffolk County’s first ever Lost Pet Network which will provide participating owners with a printed pet identification card while adding the pets to a database to help quickly locate missing animals. When a pet is lost, Suffolk County residents utilize many websites, social media pages and traditional methods but lack one central method for spreading the news and involving the proper stakeholders. The American Humane Society estimates that each year, approximately 10 million pets are lost in the United States, and millions of those end up in the nation's animal shelters. Tragically, only 15 percent of dogs and 2 percent of cats in shelters without microchips are reunited with their owners. Owners can enroll in this program to get a free identification card and become a part of the Lost Pet Network which will utilize Deputy Sheriffs, local municipalities and a designated website in the case of a dog, cat, or other eligible animal going missing. ​ To enroll: Click here to download a copy of the Sheriff's Pet Network Application Form Fill it out and email it along with a clear, up-to-date photo of your pet to

  • FOIL Requests | Suffolk County Sheriff's Office

    FOIL Requests The Freedom of Information Law (“FOIL”), set forth in Article 6 of the Public Officers Law (§§84-90), is designed to ensure public access to government records. Under FOIL, an agency must make records available for public inspection and copying, except to the extent that records or portions thereof fall within one or more grounds for denial. ​ INSTRUCTIONS TO APPLICANT: Please complete the form below by completing section 1 online. Upon completion, print the form, sign it, and submit the form to the Suffolk County Sheriff's Freedom of Information Officer at the following address: ​ Attn: Freedom of Information Officer Suffolk County Sheriff's Office 100 Center Dr. Riverhead, NY 11901 ​ ​ ​ ​ PLEASE NOTE: The Suffolk County Sheriff's Office can generally provide incarceration records for men and women who were incarcerated at one of the Suffolk County Correctional Facilities only. If you are looking for police reports, accident reports, or 911 transcripts, please contact the Suffolk County Police Department at (631) 862-6000. FOIL Request Form

  • Civil Enforcement | Suffolk County Sheriffs Office

    Civil Enforcement Bureau 360 Yaphank Avenue Yaphank, NY 11980 General Information (631) 852-5600 Evictions (631) 852-5621 Property Executions (631) 852-5627 Income Execution/ Salary Garnishments (631) 852-5623 Real Property Seizures (631) 852-5613/ (631) 852-5616 Bankruptcy (631) 852-5613/ (631) 852-5616 Orders to Show Cause (631) 852-5613/ (631) 852-5616 Summonses & Warrants (631) 852-5617 ​ Information The Role of the Enforcement Bureau The Civil Enforcement Bureau of the Suffolk County Sheriff’s Office is the enforcement arm of the civil courts. Its authority lies in the New York State Constitution, the Civil Practice Law, and Rules, and the Real Property Law of the State of New York. The civil actions that are processed by this section include property executions (for real and personal property), income executions, warrants to remove, any service of process, warrants of arrest, orders of seizure, orders of attachment, service of D.W.I. forfeiture summonses for the County Attorney, closure orders for Health Services and all other orders issued from any civil court. In addition to civil enforcement, the Deputy Sheriffs assigned to this section also enforce Penal Law, Criminal Procedure Law, and Vehicle Traffic Law. The Civil Enforcement Bureau's law enforcement role encompasses all of the ten townships that comprise Suffolk County. ​ The Civil Enforcement Bureau is located at: ​ 360 Yaphank Avenue Yaphank, NY 11980 ​ ​ ​ ​ ​ ​ ​ ​ ​ ​ ​ Looking for Civil Bureau assistance? Click the links below to get more information. General Information: (631) 852-5600 Evictions: (631) 852-5621 Property Executions: (631) 852-5627 Income Execution | Wage Garnishment: (631) 852-5623 Real Property Seizures: (631) 852-5613 or (631) 852-5616 Bankruptcy: (631) 852-5613 or (631) 852-5616 Orders to Show Cause: (631) 852-5613 or (631) 852-5616 Summonses & Warrants: (631) 852-5617 Property Execution Motor Vehicle Levy Income Execution | Wage Garnishment Suffolk County Mileage Fees Mileage & Fee Chart

  • Inmate Mail, Phone and Resources | Suffolk County Sheriffs Office

    Inmate Services Inmate Mail Studies show that when inmates maintain a relationship with family & friends, it greatly reduces the risk of them returning to jail upon release. ​ All mail should be sent to the following address: C/O Inmate`s Name Suffolk County Correctional Facility 110 Center Drive South Riverhead, NY 11901 ​ PLEASE NOTE: If the individual has a common name, please add his or her date of birth on the front of the envelope. ​ The following items are NOT allowed in inmate’s incoming mail: Colored envelopes: All envelopes Must Be White ONLY Stamps or other postage Polaroid Pictures Pictures larger than 5” x 7” Cards larger than 6” x 9” Stickers Pornographic pictures or pictures that are offensive and graphic in nature. Hard covered publications with cover attached. ​ ​ Inmate Phone Services (Securus) The Suffolk County Correctional Facility uses Securus to pay for inmate phone calls. If you would like to pay through the Securus system, click here . ​ ​ *NEW* Keefe Commissary Service Money can now be placed in an inmate’s commissary account for the purchase of items through the Keefe Commissary Service. There are a number of items that can be purchased, from food to sundries, providing there are no restrictions placed on the inmate. Money can be applied to an inmate’s account in the following ways: Any money that is brought in by an inmate is placed in their commissary account at the time of booking. Money orders sent to an inmate will be deposited in the inmate’s account. No personal checks are accepted. Cash, credit, or debit cards can be deposited into the kiosks located in both the Riverhead and Yaphank Visiting lobbies. Deposits can be made via the internet by credit or debit at or by calling 1-866-345-1884. Please note: There is a fee for using the service that will reduce the amount of money placed in the account. Money put in the account will be available in approximately 15 minutes or sooner. There is a limit of $100 per deposit. If there is money left in the commissary account at the time the inmate is released, that money is returned to them at the time of release in the form of a debit card. Information regarding this debit card can be found here . ​ ​ Sending Packages and Money When mailing packages and/or money, please send only items that are allowed by regulations. Prohibited or excess items will be returned to you at the inmate`s expense or disposed of if not picked up within the required time frame. Contraband items may result in prosecution. ​ PLEASE NOTE: No pockets or drawstrings are permitted on the clothing listed below. 2 Female Night Gowns: Plain and White Only 7 Female Sports Bras: No Metal Underwires 2 Sweat Shirts: Hunter Green* or White 2 Sweat Pants: Hunter Green* or White 2 Gym Shorts: Hunter Green* or White 7 Tee Shirts: White Only 2 Towels: 2' by 4' Maximum Size: White Only 2 Set of Thermals: White or Off White 5 Books: Paperback Only ​ 5 Magazines 2 Newspapers: Current Issues Only 15 Photos: 5"x7" Maximum Size - No Polaroids 1 Prayer Rug 1 Kuffi: Black or White, Single Layer 1 Wedding Band: Plain ​ *Hunter Green is the color of a NY Jets football jersey. ​ You are permitted to receive books, magazines, and newspapers directly from the publisher or reputable online vendors (example:, Books, magazines and newspapers brought by visitors or sent through the mail will no longer be accepted at the facilities. No inmate may receive material that threatens the security of the facility such as information about making explosives, firebombs, weapons, escape devices, alcohol, poisons, or drugs. Type of Funds Accepted: CASH AND MONEY ORDERS ONLY. PERSONAL CHECKS ARE NOT ACCEPTED. ​ ​ Send Photos With Print Budii Print Budii is a way to share photos with your loved ones who are incarcerated. Click here to learn more.

  • Interfaith Council | Suffolk County Sheriffs Office

    Sheriff's Interfaith Council Mission To be a resource of faith-based organizations that can provide resources and services to current and formerly incarcerated individuals and their families, and the Sheriff's Office staff. ​ ​ ​ To join the Sheriff's Interfaith Council, please contact the Council Chair, Pastor Kara Bochino at .

  • Property Execution | Suffolk County Sheriff's Office

    Property Execution A Property Execution is an instrument used by the sheriff to seize assets other than earnings, salary or wages. The type of property targeted will determine the type of Property Execution to be used. ​ How to file a Property Execution: You must obtain a Transcript of the Judgment from the County Clerk's Office. Once your transcript of judgment is filed with the County Clerk, you may request a property execution (Form #199) for the Sheriff's Office to attempt collection of your judgment. T he County Clerk’s fee is $5.00 to issue the Form 199. ​ County Clerks Office 300 Center Drive Riverhead, NY 11901 (631) 852-2000 ​ Keep a copy for your records and make another to file with the Sheriff's Office. When Filing with the Sheriff's Office: ​ Make 7 copies (front and back) of the original Form 199. One copy may be retained for your personal records and 6 copies must be sent to the Sheriff's Office, along with the original document. ​ Forward to the Sheriff: The original Form 199 Six copies (front and back) of Form 199 One copy of the Transcript of Judgment A note with your name and a daytime contact phone number. A certified check, money order or attorney's check made payable to the Sheriff of Suffolk County for the statutory fee of $15.00, plus the mileage fee. If the defendant is no longer at the address shown on the Judgment, you must provide the Sheriff's Office with a current address. Without a correct address, the Sheriff will be unable to collect on the judgment. ​ Mail to: Sheriff of Suffolk County 360 Yaphank Avenue -- Suite 1A Yaphank, NY 11980 NOTE: If filing in person, you may make a cash payment. Please see the links below for the mileage chart for fee information as well as to obtain a Sale of Real Property Form. Additional information is available from the County Clerk's Office linked here. ​ Need directions to the Suffolk County Sheriff's Office Civil Enforcement Bureau? Click here. Sale of Real Property Form Mileage & Fees Chart Suffolk County Mileage Fees

  • Corrections Division | Suffolk County Sheriff's Office

    Corrections Division The Corrections Division of the Suffolk County Sheriff's Office ​includes the Corrections Administrative Bureau, the Riverhead Correctional Facility, the Yaphank Correctional Facility, and the Special Operations Bureau. The Corrections Division is overseen by the Warden. Correctional Facilities Administrative Bureau Special Operations Human Trafficking Vocational Work Programs Correctional Facilities The Riverhead Correctional Facility has a maximum capacity of 840 inmates. It houses minimum, medium, and maximum security male and female inmates. The facility has linear and podular housing units, a state of the art medical/ dental/ mental health unit, a rehabilitation unit, and a visiting section. The Sheriff's Office Choose Your Path program is housed at the Riverhead Facility. ​ The Yaphank Correctional Facility has a maximum capacity of 976 inmates. It houses minimum, medium, and maximum security male and female inmates. The facility has dormitory and podular housing units, a state of the art medical/ dental/ mental health unit, a medical pod, a rehabilitation unit, and a visiting section. The Sheriff's Addiction Treatment Program (SATP), the Veteran's Pod, the 55+ Pod, and the Choose To Thrive Program for female inmates are all housed at the Yaphank Facility. The Sheriff's Transition and Rehabilitation Team (START) Resource Center can also be found on the grounds of the Yaphank Correctional Facility. ​ ​ Administrative Bureau The Administrative Bureau has two main Sections, the Resource Management Section and the Records and Statistics Section. ​ The Resource Management Section has ten subdivisions. The responsibilities and functions of these units are detailed below. However, in addition to those responsibilities specific to each of these units, the Resource Management Section is charged with acting as a coordinator of all tasks associated with the acquiring, tracking, maintaining, and safeguarding of the Correction Division’s assets, be they staff or inmate related, financial or material. The Resource Management Section ensures that the Division’s acquisitions are completed in the most fiscally prudent and responsible manner possible. These supplemental tasks include, but are not limited to: Each Section of the Correction Division is responsible for developing a budget request that reflects its operational needs for the following year. These budget requests are submitted to the Resource Management Section for compilation and coordination: ​ The Resource Management Section is responsible for establishing, maintaining, and administering a comprehensive set of procedural guidelines for the Division that will ensure the fulfillment of our fiduciary duties related to the safeguarding and expenditure of inmate funds. The Resource Management Section works with the Suffolk County Comptroller to implement recommendations and revised accounting procedures. ​ Coordinate the efforts of all units that have any responsibilities related to the finances and assets of inmates. Ensure that the Correction Division’s actions associated with managing its financial and material assets are consistent with sound business practices and our responsibilities as mandated by the various laws and jurisdictions under which we must operate. The Resource Management Section coordinates and schedules appointments for video conferencing between the Courts, attorneys, and inmates. The Sheriff’s Office works with the Suffolk County Child Support Enforcement Bureau (CSEB) to identify inmates in our custody in arrears on their child support obligations, hold any funds available, and forward to the court upon receipt of an appropriate order. The Resource Management Section’s responsibilities also include the coordination and supervision of the Information Technologies Section. The Asset Management Unit is responsible for coordinating and assembling the yearly operating budgets in preparation for their submittal to the Sheriff’s Office Accounting Section. The Commissary Unit is responsible for distributing items purchased through inmate funds. The Compliance Inspection Unit is responsible for ensuring that the Sheriff’s Office Correctional Facilities comply with all applicable rules and regulations. The Disciplinary Processing Unit investigates allegations of inmate misconduct to determine whether charges of inmate misconduct are substantiated and, if so, to discipline the guilty party by standards set forth to punish misbehavior fairly, impartially, and consistently. The Fire Safety and Inspections Unit is responsible for ensuring compliance with fire and life safety codes that protect the staff and inmates in the correctional facilities. The Grievance Processing Unit is responsible for the practical, fair, and timely resolution of inmate complaints. The Inmate Accounts Unit is responsible for maintaining prisoner-related bank accounts and their corresponding monthly bank reconciliation. The Integrated Systems Unit provides coordination and resolution of technical support issues associated with the correctional facility software and security system, the video conferencing system, and the drone detection system. The primary responsibility of the Operations and Procedures Unit is the production of and guardianship of the Suffolk County Sheriff’s Office Operations and Procedures Guide. The Operations and Procedures Unit is also responsible for updating and maintaining the inmate handbook containing Correctional Facility rules and regulations detailing acceptable behavior and appropriate discipline for life in the facilities. This Unit maintains pertinent information on all chemicals used and stored within the two facilities and maintains and distributes OSHA related equipment. The Records and Statistics Section consists of three subdivisions. The Section performs numerous duties for the Sheriff’s Office, the vast majority of which concern handling and processing court documents relating to the lawful commitment, discharge, and inmates’ movement to courts and outside agencies. ​ The Records Unit processes all admissions and discharges, coordinates all court and transfer movements with both divisions of the Sheriff’s Office, and reviews and interprets all court documents. The Records Unit is the center of inmate information and is involved in compiling, processing, and disseminating this information throughout our office and outside agencies. The Writ Control Unit tracks and prepares paperwork for the take-out and return of any inmate ordered produced in Suffolk County on a Writ of Habeas Corpus and for Suffolk County inmates court-ordered to other jurisdictions in New York State. This Unit also prepares the paperwork associated with processing State-ready inmates The Document Management Unit is responsible for storing and managing all inactive records generated by the Records and Statistics Section. ​ ​ Special Oper ations Bureau The Special Operations Bureau of the Corrections Division includes the Gangs Unit, Internal Security, SERT (Sheriff's Emergency Response Team), Canin e (K9), Human Trafficking Unit, Corrections Analysts, Task Force Personnel, and the Hostage Negotiati ons Team. ​ ​ Correctional Facilities Adminitrative Bureau Special Opertions Bureau

  • The START Resource Center | Suffolk County Sheriff's Office

    START Resource Center The Sheriff's Transition and Reentry Team (S.T.A.R.T.) opened its doors in February of 2020 and is currently comprised of five Correction Officers: three are Correctional Counselors and two are Community Correction Officers. Operating Monday through Friday, the services provided and the amount of justice involved individuals who utilize the Resource Center's services continue to increase. The team utilizes the three Correctional Counselors to interview inmates upon incarceration, assessing their needs both while incarcerated and post incarceration, and making the necessary referrals. Needs such as substance abuse treatment, education, job assistance, DSS assistance, identification issues, transportation, food, housing, and clothing are all then addressed and the two Community Correction Officers then work to establish a discharge plan for the individual's successful reentry into the community. ​ Upon discharge from the facility, the justice involved individual visits the Resource Center. All the needs identified by the counselors are addressed by the Resource Center staff and the many service providers. At this time the warm hand-off to the community begins and lines of communication are established for follow up care. The Resource Center continues to remain available post incarceration for follow up assistance in the hopes of continued success. The START team provides a positive benefit to the community by facilitating the successful reentry of justice involved individuals with the hope of reducing recidivism. ​ The START Resource Center is located at: 200 Glover Drive Yaphank, NY 11980 (631) 852-5391 ​ DIRECTIONS: Take the Long Island Expressway to exit 67, Yaphank Avenue, and travel south for approximately 1.25 miles. Make a right onto Glover Drive. The Correctional Facility entrance is located at the end of Glover Drive.Follow the signs to the START Resource Center, located on your right, just before the Deputy Security Booth. ​ Or via Bus route S68, Probation Stop ​ Center Hours: Monday - Friday 8:30am - 5:00pm ​ Walk-ins welcome Service Providers ​ The following is a list of community providers that offer support for individuals while they are incarcerated as well as when they transition back to the community. The START Resource center offers to assistance to any individual incarcerated within the Suffolk County Correctional Facilities or any individual who was previously incarcerated anywhere in the United States and is returning back to Suffolk County to establish residence. Department of Labor Resume Writing Mock Interviews Continuous Updates on Job Trends Facilitate Connections Between Employers and Justice Involved Individuals ​ Veterans Resources Northport VA (Veterans Administration) Suffolk County Veterans Service Agency Salvation Army Long Island Harvest Hands Across Long Island Veterans Justice Outreach Fatherhood Initiative Joseph Dwyer Peer to Peer Program Suffolk County Veterans Services Agency Spiritual Support Meditation Paws Of War New Hour (Women & Children) Parenting Classes Health & Wellness Reentry Planning Discharge Planning Art Programs (in collaboration with Parrish Arts) Empowerment Collaborate Long Island (ECLI)(Male/Female) Survivors Group Empowerment Group Trauma focused individual counseling Discharge Planning Re-entry Counseling ​ EAC Network | Empower, Assist, Care Reentry Planning Discharge Planning Case Management Services BOCES Providing Literacy Workshops TASC (Test Assessing Secondary Completion) Vocational Programs Family Service League Addiction Services & Treatment Training and Employment Family & Community Support Mental Health Support Trauma and Crisis Counseling Leadership Training Institute (LTI) Thinking for a Change Interactive Journaling Long Island Council on Alcoholism & Drug Dependence (LICADD) Substance Abuse Counseling ​ Suffolk Cooperative Library System Educational & Recreational Books for both county jails ​ Axis Church START Satellite Center in Port Jefferson, NY Personal items/Toiletries Baby Items Celebrate Recovery Group

  • Print Budii Photo Service | Suffolk County Sheriff's Office

    Policies & Reports Send Photos from Anywhere! The Suffolk County Sheriff's Office has partnered with Print Budii to make sending photos to an inmate in the Suffolk County Correctional Facility a breeze! ​ THEN: You take some photos, have them printed at your local pharmacy, pick them up and pay for them, pack them up in an envelope, head to the Post Office, pay postage, and wait for a few days to see if your loved one has received the photos. ​ NOW: You take a photo, click this link or go to , select the photo, pay and send. Your photo prints out at the correctional facility and is delivered to your loved one THAT DAY! No trips to the Post Office, postage, or packages lost in the mail! ​ Cost: $1.19 per photo. All rules regarding photos in the Correctional Facility apply. Inmates are limited to 15 photos. All extra photos will be placed in the inmate's property. All photos sent to the Correctional Facility are subject to review. No photos pornographic in nature will be delivered to an inmate.

  • Salary & Benefits | Suffolk County Sheriff's Office

    Salary & Benefits Correction Officers $42,073 *Includes line-up, shift differential, holiday pay, and cleaning allowance. Starting Salary After 3 Years $60,783 *Includes line-up, shift differential, holiday pay, and cleaning allowance. After 7 Years $90,402 *Includes line-up, shift differential, holiday pay, cleaning allowance, and longevity pay. After 12 Years $124,478 *Includes line-up, shift differential, holiday pay, cleaning allowance, and longevity pay. Benefits ​ Suffolk County Correction Officers enjoy a competitive benefits and compensation plan including: ​ Healthy, Vision & Dental Insurance Life Insurance Issued Uniform & Equipment Holiday Pay Rotating Shift Pay Night Differential Clothing Allowance Sick Leave Bonus Tuition Reimbursement Longevity Pay Military Time Credit New York State Pension 25-year Retirement (regardless of age) Time Accruals Deputy Sheriffs $33,000 *Plus additional salary increases as per the 2019 - 2024 contract. Starting Salary After 5 Years $60,386 *Plus opportunities for shift differential, holiday pay, sick leave bonus, and more per the 2019 - 2024 contract. After 8 Years $78,644 *Plus opportunities for shift differential, holiday pay, sick leave bonus, and more per the 2019 - 2024 contract. After 12 Years $102,987 *Plus opportunities for shift differential, holiday pay, sick leave bonus, and more per the 2019 - 2024 contract. Benefits ​ Suffolk County Deputy Sheriffs enjoy a competitive benefits and compensation plan including: ​ Healthy, Vision & Dental Insurance Life Insurance Issued Uniform & Equipment Holiday Pay Rotating Shift Pay Night Differential Clothing Allowance Sick Leave Bonus Tuition Reimbursement Longevity Pay Military Time Credit New York State Pension 20 -year Retirement (regardless of age) Time Accruals

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