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  • Qualifications | Suffolk County Sheriff's Office

    Qualifications Correction Officers Age At least 20.5 years of age at the time of testing and 21 years of age by the time of appointment. Education Graduation from a standard senior high school or possession of a high school equivalency diploma by the date of appointment is required. Citizenship All candidates must be a United States citizen at the time of appointment. ​ You do not have to be a resident of Suffolk County to apply for or work for the Suffolk County Sheriff's Office. Background Correction Officers are entrusted with the responsibility of keeping our correctional facilities and incarcerated individuals safe. Therefore, there will be a qualifying medical, psychological, background and physical agility evaluation. Correction Officers are under the supervision of a higher-ranking officer. An officer in this class has the immediate responsibility for directing and supervising justice-involved individuals and maintaining order and security inside the Suffolk County Correctional Facilities. The officer is responsible for maintaining the custody, safety, and well-being of justice-involved individuals by enforcing the rules, regulations and laws to prevent disturbances, assaults, and escapes. Correction Officers are designated by New York State law as peace officers and may be required to carry firearms in the performance of certain duties. ​ Correction Officers must have a good knowledge of the policies, rules and regulations of the Suffolk County Correctional Facilities and applicable New York State laws, rules and regulations. They must have a good knowledge of first aid techniques, skill in the use and care of firearms and other less lethal weapons as required, the ability to deal fairly but firmly with individuals under their care, the ability to communicate effectively and be in the physical condition to deal with the demands of the position. Deputy Sheriffs Age At least 19.5 years of age at the time of testing and 20 years of age by the time of appointment. Education Graduation from a standard senior high school or possession of a high school equivalency diploma by the date of appointment is required. Citizenship All candidates must be a United States citizen at the time of appointment. ​ Background Deputy Sheriffs are responsible for enforcing NYS laws including penal, civil and vehicle & traffic law, therefore, there will be a qualifying medical, psychological, background and physical agility evaluation. Deputy Sheriffs are under the general supervision of a commanding officer and have the responsibility of enforcing the laws of New York State, including Civil, Penal, and Vehicle & Traffic laws. Deputy Sheriffs make arrests, transport justice-involved individuals, serve legal processes, patrol highways, and secure court detention facilities. Routine assignments and special orders or the joining of task forces may be received from supervisors under the command of the Sheriff. ​ Deputy Sheriffs must have a good knowledge of civil and criminal law as they pertain to departmental operations; a good knowledge of court procedures; good knowledge of first aid methods; skill in the use and care of firearms; the ability to understand and carry out oral and written instructions; the ability to act quickly and calmly in emergencies; the ability to enforce the law with firmness, tact and impartiality, and to deal courteously with the general public, as well as be in good physical condition to handle the demands of the position.

  • Pistol Licensing | Suffolk County Sheriffs Office

    Pistol Licensing Bureau The Pistol License Bureau is responsible for the investigation, issuance, and maintenance of all pistol licenses for residents of the five eastern townships including East Hampton, Riverhead, Shelter Island, Southampton, and Southold. The Pistol License Bureau maintains over 6,000 active files and records, and records renewals, handgun transactions, and other correspondence for each active file. ​ A firearms license is a state license issued under the authority of county licensing officers. An applicant must decide what type of license will be sought. The most common types of firearms license are: ​ Possess on Premises : Allows the holder to maintain handguns within his/her home. Valid for target shooting and hunting. Includes carrying handguns to/from the range and hunting areas. Carry Concealed: Entitles a licensee to possess a carry concealed, without regard to employment or place of possession subject to the restrictions of state and federal law, by any person. You must have a certificate of completion from a DCJS authorized firearms training course that includes at least 16 hours of training with a live-fire portion. Possess/Carry During Employment (for municipality): Entitles a licensee to possess and carry concealed while employed by an institution of the state, or any county, city, town or village. You must be working in an armed capacity for a town, village or municipality located within the five (5) eastern towns in Suffolk County. ​ Eligibility Requirements: To be eligible to have a firearms license, you: Must be a New York State resident. Must be 21 years of age. Disclose any history of mental illness. Have no prior felony or other serious offense convictions, and have not been convicted of Assault 3rd, Misdemeanor DWI, or Menacing 3rd within the past five (5) years. (This may include a felony arrest that has been adjudicated to a lesser misdemeanor charge.) Must have the essential character, temperament and judgement necessary to be entrusted with a weapon and to use it only in a manner that does not endanger oneself or others. Legally reside or maintain a principal residence or place of business within the confines of the five (5) eastern towns of Suffolk County. Be an applicant wherein no good cause exists for the denial of a pistol license. Obtain four (4) Affidavit of Character References which must be filled out in full and notarized by the character reference. ​ To apply: Call or visit the Suffolk County Sheriff's Office to obtain a copy of the pistol license application, instructions, and all necessary forms or documentation you may need to apply. Pistol License Bureau - Riverhead Correctional Facility 100 Center Drive South Riverhead, NY 11901 (631) 852-2233 Hours: 9:00am-4:30pm Fingerprinting Hours: 9:00am-12:00pm ​ To complete the New York State Pistol/Revolver License Application, you will need to complete the application and provide the following information: Full Name Date of Birth Social Security Number Address Physical Description Criminal History Mental Health History Character References Identification: Current New York Driver's License or a New York Non-Driver's I.D. from the Department of Motor Vehicles. Note: all applications must be filled out in BLACK INK ONLY. ​ Once your application is filled out in full and you have received all necessary paperwork/documentation, return your packet in person to the Pistol License Bureau. You must have the following in hand: Application Fee: $10.00 (cash or check) Application filled out in full/notarized where necessary Four (4) Character of Affidavit References filled out in full by the character reference and notarized. New York State Fingerprint Processing Fee: $88.25 (money order only made out the Suffolk County Sheriff's Office) Two Passport-style Photos taken within 30 days (no polaroid's or home photos will be accepted) NYS Drivers License showing address in the five (5) eastern towns Birth Certificate or Current U.S. Passport ​ Please note: All applications are received between the hours of 9:00am-12:00pm Monday-Friday so that we can conduct your NYS Fingerprinting. ​ Please note: The Suffolk County Sheriff's Office Pistol Licensing Bureau issues pistol permits for the five eastern towns of Suffolk County including Riverhead, East Hampton, Shelter Island, Southampton or Southold. If you live in one of the five western towns of Suffolk County including Babylon, Brookhaven, Huntington, Islip, or Smithtown, please call the Suffolk County Police Department at (631) 852-6311 or visit their website linked here . ​ Important Safety Notice In case of DEATH, SERIOUS ILLNESS, or MENTAL DISABILITY of a Pistol License Holder, please contact the Suffolk County Sheriff's Office Pistol License Bureau as soon as possible. DO NOT handle any firearms; leave all handguns and long guns where they are and contact the Pistol License Bureau first for assistance.

  • Internship Program | Suffolk County Sheriff's Office

    College Internship Program The Suffolk County Sheriff's Office offers an exciting college internship program for students who have a strong interest in law enforcement and/or are currently enrolled in criminal justice courses. This unique program is designed to give college students hands on experience with all of the different units our agency has to offer, including popular visits with the Marine Bureau, Firearms, and K9 units. The interns also witness how outside agencies work hand in hand with one another as they visit units run by the Suffolk County Police Department, the Office of the Medical Examiner, and the Suffolk County Legislature. Interns visit both correctional facilities, the firearms range, the Emergency Vehicle Operator Course, the Suffolk County Crime Lab, the Warrant Squad, and the Domestic Violence Bureau. These visits allow students to work alongside officers in each area to give them knowledge, experience, and help them to make informed choices about a career in law enforcement.​ The Internship Program runs during the spring, summer, and fall semesters. Spring and fall semesters run for 16 weeks and the summer semester runs for 13 weeks. Call 631-852-5611 for more information or send an email to . Typically included in the internship program: The Community Relations Unit offers students an overview of what the Sheriff’s Office does, how a law enforcement agency helps the county’s residents, and the various ways the Sheriff's office offers support and assistance to Suffolk County residents with a variety of community programs. ​ An informative visit to District Court & Unified Courts provides the students with a working knowledge of the processing of inmates at the district court level and how all the courts work together. ​ Exciting visits to the correctional facilities allow interns to tour the Riverhead and Yaphank facilities to get an understanding of the Correction Officers’ responsibilities and duties and to have an understanding of how the Suffolk County Correctional Facilities operate. ​ All aboard! A ride along with the Marine Bureau provides the students with the knowledge, duties and responsibilities of the SCSO Marine Unit, patrolling Suffolk County's many bodies of water. ​ Interns visit the Firearms Bureau for an opportunity to "take aim" with our staff. This visit provides the students with the knowledge of training SCSO officers and other law enforcement agencies including preparation of training schedules and monitoring firearms records. ​ Did you know the Sheriff's Office is the only agency authorized to perform evictions? The Civil Bureau shows the students the “Civil Laws” and how the Sheriff’s Office serves the court orders. ​ A visit to the Suffolk County Sheriff's Office Domestic Violence Unit provides our interns with information and first-hand experience on how important community assistance is to a law enforcement agency. ​ Go for a ride! All interns have the opportunity to "ride along" with our Deputy Sheriff's as the conduct they enforce vehicle and traffic laws. These experiences enable interns to gain knowledge of patrol procedures and enforcement of traffic laws. ​ Finally, the Personnel Investigation Bureau has a very important role in the internship, as every intern will learn exactly what procedures are followed to hire law enforcement or civilian personnel. This information and advice is invaluable to any future law enforcement candidate. Sessions Fall Session Application Dates: July 15 - August 15 Starts: Labor Day Week (16 weeks) ​ Spring Session Application Dates: November 15 - December 15 Starts: Third Week of January (16 weeks) ​ Summer Session Application Dates: April 15 - May 15 Starts: the Wednesday after Memorial Day (13 weeks) ​ How to Apply Applications to the Suffolk County Sheriff's Office Internship Progr am will only be accepted during the application dates listed above. Once the open period for the respective session arrives, applicants will need to submit the below application to be considered. ​ Items required: Email the following to : A current resume A narrative essay no more than two single or double-spaced pages in length that sets forth, at a minimum, the following: Why you are interested in the SCSO Internship Program​ Your motivation and career goals The source of your inspiration for your motivation and career goals The skills that you would bring to SCSO if you were selected as an intern Please note: Failure to provide one or more of the documents listed above before the application deadline will result in lost consideration for the program. The email address to send the information to is ​ ​

  • Motor Vehicle Levy | Suffolk County Sheriff's Office

    Motor Vehicle Levy A change in law went into effect on January 21, 2011 (see CPLR 5205). The Sheriff must now conduct his levies and sales on motor vehicles to conform to this new law. The new law gives a debtor a $4000.00 exemption above liens and encumbrances on his/her owned vehicle. The Sheriff will have to collect the debtor’s exemption, the lien amount on the vehicle (if there is one) and the expenses paid to levy the vehicle at the time of the Sheriff’s sale. If at the time of sale the bidding does not bring $4000.00 plus the lien amount, the sale is stopped and the vehicle will be returned to the debtor. ​ The plaintiff can bid on the vehicle. The first $4000.00 plus the lien amount must be paid in cash. Any bids you make above this amount can be a credit bid which will reduce the amount of the judgment. ​ Sheriff’s poundage will be paid in advance. Poundage is 5% of the vehicle value, or the execution amount (whichever is less).* This cost may or may not be reimbursed (or adjusted) from the proceeds of the sale. ​ CAUTION: The Sheriff’s seizure and sale of a vehicle may not result in the satisfaction of your judgment. You may also lose the additional levy expenses. The sale may be delayed or stopped by a bankruptcy filing or other legal proceeding. The sale value of the vehicle is affected by mechanical damage, high mileage, age, and the condition of the vehicle inside and out. In order for the Sheriff to levy a debtor’s vehicle for the satisfaction of a money judgment you will have to provide the following information and documentation: ​ Go to the New York State Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) and fill out an MV15 form (download form here. ) You will receive an MV904N from DMV which will show title to the vehicle (who owns it) and if there is a lien on the vehicle. If there is a lienholder listed, we require proof from the lienholder of the balance due on the lien. You will have to contact the lienholder or hire an attorney who can obtain this information. Proof of the value of the vehicle. The proof is an appraisal from a licensed car dealer or an official book value. Forward a certified check or money order, payable to the Sheriff of Suffolk County, in the amount of $600.00 in advance for expenses related to seizure, towing and storage. We may require additional expenses depending on the size of the vehicle, special towing, or special storage requirements. If the vehicle is not located or seized the advanced expense money will be refunded. *Sheriff’s poundage to be paid per above. ​ ​ ​ ​ For directions to the Suffolk County Sheriff's Office Civil Enforcement Bureau, click here. DMV Locations & Appointment Scheduling

  • Operations Division | Suffolk County Sheriffs Office

    Operations Division The Operations Division of the Suffolk County Sheriff's Office ​includes Employee Benefits, the Communications Bureau, the Quartermaster, the Grants Bureau, Accounting, Personnel Investigations, Personnel/Payroll, Fleet Management, and Research & Development. The Operations Division is overseen by the Chief of Staff. Employee Benefits Accounting Department Communications Bureau Personnel Investigations Grants Bureau Payroll Department Research / Development Fleet Management Employee Benefits Established in November 2000, Employee Benefits is an Administrative Section overseen by the Employee Relations Director to execute the personnel and human resource functions of the Sheriff’s Office and assist in implementing Office policy related to personnel issues. Personnel files for all current and former employees are maintained in this office according to the Sheriff’s guidelines. The Employee Relations Director assists in representing the Sheriff at contract negotiations, grievance and arbitration hearings and labor management meetings. The Director oversees the implementation of the terms and conditions of all the Sheriff’s Office employee contracts. ​ The Employee Benefits Section administers all benefits for employees as negotiated by the three bargaining units within the Sheriff’s Office: the Suffolk County Association of Municipal Employees, the Suffolk County Correction Officers Association, and the Suffolk County Deputy Sheriffs Police Benevolent Association. All enrollments and changes in employee benefits, such as health insurance, benefit fund, life insurance and the retirement system are processed to keep all Sheriff’s Office employees benefits up to date. Prospective retirees receive pension estimates and benefit information to prepare them for retirement. All employme nt verification requests are certified and employees are assisted and advised regarding any problems encountered with their benefit providers. Beneficiary, marital, family, and address changes are routinely processed by the Employee Benefits Section. Compliance with the Family and Medical Leave Act, the Fair Labor Standards Act and the Americans with Disabilities Act is also monitored and ensured. Employee benefit information is provided in a seminar format to each group of new and prospective Deputy Sheriff and Correction Officer candidates. Canvassing, interviewing, and participating in the selection process to fill vacant civilian positions are all a part of fulfilling the duties of the Employee Benefits Section. ​ ​ Communications Bureau The Communications Bureau is responsible for administering the Sheriff’s Office 911 and dispatching functions. The Bureau also provides support for the Corrections Division of the Sheriff’s Office in addition to numerous Federal, State and local agencies when needed. In 2019 the Bureau issued 15,321 blotters to the Sheriff’s Office Deputy Sheriff Units. ​ The Communications Bureau is comprised of 12 Public Safety Dispatcher I’s, 3 Public Safety Dispatcher II’s and 1 Public Safety Dispatcher III. The PSD’s are also responsible for the entry and updating of Orders of Protection, transmitting and receiving of messages through the eJustice Integrated Portal, conducting criminal history checks and preserving and cataloging all radio and telephone communications within the Bureau. ​ ​ Grants Bureau The Grants Bureau was established in 1993, with the mandate to locate state, federal and private sector funding opportunities. We investigate the aptness of funding programs for Sheriff’s Office initiatives, complete or assist in the completion of grant applications of interest to appropriate sections within the Office and render technical assistance to other agencies applications upon request. After receiving an award, the Grants Bureau writes all legislative paperwork and is responsible for all reporting requirements. ​ ​ Research / Development ​ The Sheriff's Office has developed an organized system of information storage, retrieval and review which is part of the overall research and decision making capacity, relative to both inmate and operational needs. This bureau facilitates decision making, research and timely responses to inquiries. It is concerned with the total flow of data tha t reaches the administrative staff to assist them in planning future policy and direction and to control resources and activities. ​ While the primary goal of the Research and Development Bureau is to provide statistical, legal and budgetary information for use in making management decisions, the bureau is also designed to perform five distinct functions: Coordinate and Formulate the Office’s Annual Operating and Capital Budget Requests On-going Sheriff’s Office research; Information for Administrative/Management decision making; Inmate population statistics; and Rapid response to ad hoc inquiries. Collecting statistical information about the inmate population has long been a responsibility of this bureau. Using the inmate population and other data collected, this bureau is responsible for refining and analyzing this information in order to assist in identifying specific problem areas and broad correctional trends. These research endeavors have provided critical feedback and will create a broader, more solid base on which to develop correctional policy. The bureau consists of a Lieutenant and a Principal Clerk, who are responsible for completing all of the tasks assigned to it over the course of the year. ​ ​ Accounting Department ​ The Accounting Bureau prepares the annual operating budget request for submission to the County Executive’s Budget Office. Our office is responsible for disseminating the adopted budget to the various units within the Sheriff’s Office, and maintaining oversight of departmental spending to ensure that spending remains in accordance with the budget throughout the year. All purchases of goods and services are initiated through the Accounting Bureau either by direct purchase or via Suffolk County Purchasing by entry of a requisition for a purchase order. In 2019, our office processed 2,064 direct purchases and entered 613 requisitions, which resulted in our office processing 2,677 payment vouchers for vendor invoices. ​ ​ Personnel Investigations Bureau ​ The Personnel Investigations Section is responsible for conducting confidential background investigations on all employee candidates for the Sheriff’s Office. In addition to Sheriff’s Office employees, i.e. Deputy Sheriffs, Correction Officers and civilians, this section also investigates all other county employees, volunteers, interns, e tc. who enter the Correctional Facility. We also do investigations for employee candidates for other departments. ​ Depending upon the position an individual is being investigated for, inquiries are sent to all, or some, of the following, as applicable: numerous police agencies, New York State Department of Mental Health, military, schools and past employers. F.B.I. and D.C.J.S. fingerprints are also taken for each individual. We additionally make an internal inquiry, within our agency, on all individuals being investigated. The internal inquiry consists of a record check, within the various sections of our Office, i.e., Radio Room, B.C.I., Record Room, Civil Bureau and Internal Affairs. For Deputy Sheriff and Correction Officer candidates an enormous amount of time (clerical and investigative) is spent preparing for and holding seminars, as well as conducting the background investigations. Numerous interviews, i.e. employers, neighbors, spouse, family, etc. are conducted regarding candidates for these positions. A limited background investigation is provided for all other individuals. ​ ​ Payroll / Personnel ​ The primary mission of the Payroll/Personnel Bureau is to ensure that all employees are paid accurately and in a timely fashion. In 2019, the Payroll/Personnel staff consisted of 7 full time Civilians, 3 of which are new to the Payroll/Personnel Bureau. The Payroll/Personnel staff prepared and distributed 21 special and 26 bi-weekly payrolls totaling to $1.73 Million and paid, on average, 1,297 employees in 2019. The Sheriff’s Office is composed of employees in the following bargaining u nits: the Suffolk County Deputy Sheriff’s Benevolent Association, the Suffolk County Correction Officers Association, the Association of Municipal Employees, as well as Bargaining Unit 21 which includes all Management Personnel. ​ The Payroll/Personnel Bureau is responsible for maintaining the Sheriff’s Office Position Control pursuant to Civil Service Rules and Regulations, implementing all salary changes for current employees that may take place due to assignment/shift changes or promotions, processing all new hires on the on the County Payroll System, PPS, as well as processing all the employees who separate from service. Processing these separations involves pro-rating accruals, as well as pre-auditing six years of time and accruals to be paid out. This information is then sent the Suffolk County Department of Audit & Control for final audit and approval of accrual payouts. ​ In addition, the Payroll/Personnel Staff is responsible for validating leave taken, tracking donated accruals, military time, half pay eligibility and usage, checking attendance rosters, overtime payments, computing accruals, running regular and special payrolls, employment verifications, reporting wages to the New York State Employees Retirement System, as well as, maintaining a personnel/payroll file on each employee, where all paperwork is scanned and retained on the Sheriff’s Office confidential servers. ​ ​ Fleet Management ​ Fleet Services is responsible for the maintenance of the “Fleet” which includes patrol vehicles, unmarked and undercover vehicles, trucks, buses, ATV’s, boats, military surplus equipment, and military vehicles. We practice strict adherence to NYS DMV standards of repairs. We perform preventative maintenance on every vehicle, maintain records such as daily check list, and ensure officer safety. Fleet staff strives to stay current with industry knowledge in order to maintain the equipment with efficiency. We are always performing preventative maintenance in order to prolong the life of each piece. Fleet Service is also responsible for ensuring that the Suffolk County Sheriff's Office vehicles and equipment meet the federal, state, and county safety and regulatory mandates. Our additional responsibility is for the purchase, design, and upfit of new vehicles. We also track cost and time of the repairs with a state of the art fleet management software program. ​ We have developed a relationship with “ARI,” an independent national wide automotive company, that helps us service our vehicles should they have a mechanical breakdown outside our geographical area. The staff of fleet services is also responsible for the towing, recovery, and impound of vehicles. We are responsible for snow removal from the Riverhead facility parking lots. ​ Fleet Services is called upon to work closely with other county departments, outside law enforcement agencies, U.S. government and the NYS DMV. In addition, we are called upon to negotiate with the county fleet liaison for the amount and dollars needed to update and maintain the fleet of vehicles. Fleet Services is also responsible for the monitoring of vendors who do our outside repairs ( i.e. collision work and heavy truck repairs). Employee Benefits Communications Bureau Grants Bureau Research / Development Accounting Department Personnel Investigations Payroll/Personnel Fleet Management

  • Community Relations | Suffolk County Sheriffs Office

    Community Relations Unit The Suffolk County Sheriff’s Community Relations Unit is one of the most vital units throughout the office. Since taking office, Sheriff Toulon has not only expanded the Community Relations Unit but also doubled the amount of community engagement we are involved in. Throughout the year, CRU visits each Suffolk County School District as well as multiple clubs and various organizations. Since day one, Sheriff Toulon’s motto has been, “I want to get to the kids before they get to me” and the Community Relations Unit does just that. Its main goal is to bridge the gap between Law Enforcement and the members of the Community. CRU is responsible for implementing community outreach and school-based programs, organizing events, and promoting the Sheriff’s mission. We offer an array of Community and School-based programs free of charge for all Suffolk County schools, businesses, organizations, non-profits and agencies. You can contact the Community Relations Office at (631) 852-5611 or via email at Learn more about our programs below. Programs At a Glance YES Tours At-risk Youth Jail Tour Sandy Hook Promise College Internship Program Explorers Program GREAT Program STOPPED Program McGruff the Crime Dog Drug | Vaping Awareness Vulnerability Assessments CRASE Training Stop the Bleed Car Seat Safety Checks Operation Safe Child Senior ID Medical Cards PET ID Cards Project Lifesaver Drug | Alcohol Test Kits Yellow Dot Program Shed the Meds Programs Youth Enlightenment Seminar (YES) Tours : Every year, the Suffolk County Sheriff's Office opens our doors for thousands of students to take an in-depth tour of both our Riverhead and Yaphank Correctional Facilities. The tours give a realistic, first-hand glimpse into the inner workings of our correctional facilities and what a daily life as a correction officer and justice-involved individuals looks like. YES Tours are a great fit for criminal justice classes or students interested in pursuing a career in the criminal justice field . LEARN MORE >> ​ At-risk Youth Jail Tour: A growing number of Suffolk County`s youth are in danger of falling prey to criminal and gang activity. Young teens especially face peer pressures that often make them act in ways that help them become “accepted” by a group, but they have no idea about the consequences of their behavior. As a result, many young people at an early age begin what may become a painful life of criminal behavior. The goal of the At-Risk Youth Jail Tour is to educate youth about the potential consequences of poor choices. These tours must be scheduled in advance and the youth must be accompanied be a parent. BOOK NOW >> ​ ​ Sandy Hook Promise : In December of 2017, then Sheriff-Elect Errol Toulon, Jr. attended a gala in New York City for the Sandy Hook Promise Organization. There he met with Mark Barden, one of the founders of Sandy Hook Promise and the father of Daniel, one of the young children killed in Sandy Hook Elementary School. Sheriff Toulon was so moved by this organization, that out of something tragic, built a school safety program that empowers students, teachers, and the community to become empowered bystanders. Upon taking office in January 2018, his first community initiative was to partner with Sandy Hook Promise to bring their programming to all Suffolk County schools. LEARN MORE >> BOOK NOW >> Say Something: The goal of the Say Something Program is to teach students how to look for warning signs, signals, and threats, especially in social media, of an individual who may be a threat to themselves or others and to say something to a trusted adult to get help. We want to teach students to understand and recognize warning signs and threats, how to act immediately, take it seriously, understand strategies to take action, and overcome potential barriers to being an “upstander” rather than a “bystander." Ultimately, the student is taught to seek out a trusted adult. Sandy Hook Promise Start With Hello: This program teaches students to be more socially inclusive and connected to each other. With activities and curricula available for all ages, students are empowered to end social isolation in three easy steps: See Someone Alone -- Step 1: Learn how to recognize the signs of loneliness and social isolation. Reach Out And Help -- Step 2: Find out what you can do to help others feel included. Start With Hello -- Step 3: Discover how to break the ice and strike up a conversation. ​ College Internship Program: ​The college internship program is recommended for students who have a strong interest in law enforcement and/or are currently enrolled in criminal justice courses. The program is designed to give an in-depth working view of the Sheriff's Office, offering a broad spectrum of work areas which contain different aspects of law, both criminal and civil. The program runs during the spring, summer, and fall semesters. Spring and fall semesters run a 16-week pr ogram and the summer semester runs for 13-weeks. LEARN MORE >> ​ Explorers Program: Law Enforcement Exploring is a hands-on program offering young adults a personal awareness of the criminal justice system through training, practical experiences, competition, and other activities. Exploring is intended to educate and involve youth in law enforcement operations, to interest them in possible law enforcement careers, and to build an understanding of working in the field. The Suffolk County Sheriff’s Office Explorers Program promotes personal growth through character development, respect for the rule of law, physical fitness, good citizenship, and patriotism. LEARN MORE >> ​ Gang Resistance & Education (GREAT) Program : The G.R.E.A.T. program is an evidence-based curriculum offered in many states throughout the nation. The classroom curriculum is taught by Suffolk County Deputy Sheriffs and Correction Officers who received specialized training to present to elementary and middle school students. Prevention as its primary objective, the program aims to prevent bullying, youth crime, violence, drug use, and gang involvement while promoting a positive relationship among law enforcement, families, and our youth. G.R.E.A.T. Lessons focus on life skills designed to help students avoid using delinquent behavior and violence to solve problems, and further helps them make positive choices in life. BOOK NOW >> ​ STOPPED ("Drunk Buggies") Program: The STOPPED program is a driver safety course for high school students. During the program, an officer will come to yo ur school and set up a drivers course with our "Drunk Buggies" to teach students about the risks of driving impaired. BOOK NOW >> ​ McGruff the Crime Dog: The McGruff program offers children in first and second grade important personal safety lessons while getting them actively involved in the learning process. Children of all ages are faced with many types of social challenges, and unfortunately, bullying has become a serious issue for many kids. The McGruff Program seeks to give children the social tools they need to recognize bullying behavior, prevent it from occurring and handle it effectively when confronted with a tough situation whether on the playground, the bus, the lunchroom or playing in the neighborhood. BOOK NOW >> ​ Drug and Vaping Awareness Programs: Since taking office in January 2018, Sheriff Toulon has made it a priority to visit with students and school officials to determine how the Sheriff’s Office could assist with programming and training to improve outcomes for youth in Suffolk County. The opioid epidemic, combined with an increase in marijuana use and vaping, were common concerns raised during his meetings. Drug use can often be an underlying cause of aggressive behavior in students and can result in other kinds of conduct -- and over time, poor grades and symptoms of depression or euphoria. School personnel may not equate certain behaviors with drug use or may not know the signs to look for when evaluating behavioral issues. The Sheriff’s Office has officers that provide training to students and school staff. These new programs teach basic education on vaping, drugs, opioid, and alcohol use, as well as diagnostic steps for assessing impairment and strategies to respond to drug and alcohol-induced situations. BOOK NOW >> ​ School & Building Vulnerability Assessments: In 2018, Sheriff Errol D. Toulon Jr. established a Security Assessment Initiative for Suffolk County schools and public buildings. This program allows schools and other organizations to have an assessment performed by a certified Crime Prevention Specialist at no cost. The Security Assessment helps to improve the security level of their premises to help prevent property damage or intrusion. These assessments offer site-specific safety tips on how to reduce t he incidences of crime. Using Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design principles, specially trained Deputy Sheriffs check the property, identify vulnerable areas, and provide recommendations on how to enhance the security of the property. BOOK NOW >> ​ CRASE (Civilian Response to Active Shooter Event) Presentation : C.R.A.S.E. is designed to provide a model response program to civilians within their community. The presentation provides strategies, guidance, and a proven plan for surviving an active shooter event. This presentation is designed for any public or private building personnel, to educate them on how to respond in the event of an active shooter situation. This 2-hour program provides practical lessons on how to save lives. This program is available for all congregations, schools, offices, and businesses in the 5 East End towns of Suffolk County. BOOK NOW >> ​ Stop the Bleed: Studies have shown that the help given by an immediate responder can often make the difference between life and death, even before professional rescuers arrive. Stop the Bleed training is a presentation and hands-on practice of direct pressure application, wound packing, and use of a tourniquet. The course was developed for a nonmedical audience to address the needs of the immediate responder to control life-threatening bleeding until help arrives. The Suffolk County Sheriff's Office Stop the Bleed training is available for all schools, community organizations, businesses, and religious organizations in Suffolk County. BOOK NOW >> ​ Child Car Seat Safety Checks: Nationwide, the statistics on child safety seats are startling. Up to 72 percent of the child safety seats in cars on the road have serious defects or are improperly installed. Protecting your precious cargo is your priority and we're here to help. Specially trained officers from the Suffolk County Sheriff’s Office are available to attend community forums and event to perform child car seat safety checks. Car seat checks take approximately 20 minutes per vehicle and should be booked in advance prior to your event. BOOK NOW >> ​ Operation Safe Child ID Cards: Operation Safe Child was created in July of 2005 to raise awareness about child safety. Statistics show that 34% of parents in the United States do not know their child’s exact height, weight, and eye color. When a child is reported missing, time can be the biggest factor in finding the child. Possessing up-to-date photographs with detailed information about the child can greatly assist law enforcement when responding to a disappearance. These cards contain the child’s full name, date of birth, gender, height, weight, hair color, eye color, and more. The card is made in less than ten minutes and can be carried in the parent’s wallet or pocketbook. Operation Safe Child ID Cards are offered by the Sheriff’s Office free of charge at community events, libraries, and firehouses across Suffolk County. BOOK NOW >> ​ Senior Medical ID Card: The Sheriff’s Office Medical ID Cards assist seniors or those with medical needs to keep all required medical information available on a small card with them at all times in case of emergency. The Sheriff's Office regularly visits senior centers, VFW halls and other community groups to provide emergency medical alert ID cards. There is no cost for the card. BOOK NOW >> ​ Pet ID Cards: Suffolk County Sheriff Dr. Errol D. Toulon, Jr. is proud to announce Suffolk County’s first ever Lost Pet Network which will provide participating owners with a printed pet identification card while adding the pets to a database to help quickly locate missing animals. When a pet is lost, Suffolk County residents utilize many websites, social media pages and traditional methods but lack one central method for spreading the news and involving the proper stakeholders. Owners can enroll in this program to get a free identification card and become a part of the Lost Pet Network which will utilize Deputy Sheriffs, local municipalities and a designated website in the case of a dog, cat, or other eligible animal going missing. LEARN MORE >> ​ Project Lifesaver: Project Lifesaver is a rapid-response program that aids victims (and their families) who wander as a result of cognitive impairments, or other afflictions. The program combines technology and specially trained Sheriff’s Deputies to locate individuals who have wandered. Project Lifesaver clients wear a “watch-type” wristband transmitter (worn on the wrist, ankle or as a necklace), which emits a tracking signal. When a caregiver calls the Suffolk County Sheriff’s Office Project Lifesaver line to report that a client has wandered, a search team responds to the wanderer’s area and, while in route, activates the vehicles mobile locator tracking system. A hand-held unit is used to search for clients in areas inaccessible by vehicles.​ LEARN MORE >> ​ Test, Don't Guess Drug & Alcohol Test Kits: Home Drug Alcohol & Test kits have been purchased by the Suffolk County Sheriff’s Office and are made available to residents in Suffolk County. The program aims to offer free drug test kits that can be used in privacy to assist parents and guardians with monitoring the behavior of their children who are under the age of 18. The test kits give parents a tool to engage in the critical conversations about drug use; and offers a method for parents who suspect their child may be using illegal substances to be reassured of their judgment and seek professional help if needed. ​ Individual drug and alcohol test kits are available at your local legislator's office or at our Riverhead Correctional Facility located at: Riverhead Correctional Facility, 100 Center Drive South, Riverhead, NY 1190. ​ Yellow Dot Program: Our Yellow Dot program assists citizens during the most critical times of emergency care - following a traffic crash - when they may not be able to communicate their needs themselves. Placing a Yellow Dot decal in your vehicle's rear window alerts first responders to check your glove compartment for vital information to ensure you receive the medical attention you need. ​BOOK NOW >> ​ Shed the Meds : L ooking to get rid of unwanted or expired medications in a way that is safe and protects our environment? Drop them off for safe disposal by the Suffolk County Sheriff's Office. Safely disposing of medication prevents pollution of our ground water and keeps them out of the hands of young children and others who might abuse them. Shed the Meds events are for community members only. No commercial or doctor's office expired medication disposal. Liquid medications and sharps will not be accepted at the events. BOOK NOW >> YES Tours At-risk Youth Jail Tour Sandy Hook Promise College Internship Program Explorers Program GREAT Program STOPPED Program McGruff DRE | Vaping Vulnerability Assessments CRASE Stop the Bleed Car Seat Safety Check Operation Safe Child Senior ID PET ID Project Lifesaver Drug Test Kits Yellow Dot Shed the Meds

  • Vocational Work Programs | Suffolk County Sheriff's Office

    Vocational Work Programs The Suffolk County Correctional Facilities encourages our incarcerated individuals to participate in vocational training programs and projects off-site to learn new skills and acquire certificates to take with them when they leave our facilities. This includes work for various not for profit organizations, other Suffolk County departments, the United States Coast Guard, and Suffolk County Sheriff’s Office installations. These inmates work on a regular basis and are taught in areas of masonry work, carpentry, landscaping, and painting. They do not receive certificates but receive hands on knowledge in these areas. They have worked on numerous projects throughout Suffolk County, including: Landscaping and maintenance projects in the Riverhead Maximum Security Facility. Landscaping and maintenance projects in the Yaphank Maximum Security Facility. Painting and restoration of the Historic Davis House in Coram. Landscaping of Potters Field Cemetery and Brookside Historical Cemetery. Painting and restoration projects of the Historic Sweezey House in Yaphank. Painting and restoration projects at the Historic 2nd House in Montauk. Landscaping at Westhampton V.F.W. Scraping, painting, and landscaping at the Eatons Neck Coast Guard Station. Various restoration projects at the Life Saving House in Amagansett. 10. Car Detailing of department vehicles. 11. Cleanup and maintenance at the Montauk Lighthouse. 12. Snow removal - Riverhead Facility. 13. Construction projects at the American Legion Hall in Amagansett. 14. Restoration projects and painting at the Marine Museum in Amagansett. 15. Restoration projects at the Historic Homan House in Yaphank. 16. Painting and spackling at the Historic Bell House in Center Moriches. 17. Major cleanup project of Long Island Ave. in Brentwood (illegal dumping, littering etc.). ​ If you would like to volunteer in one of our facilities or offer a certificate or training in a specific area to our incarcerated individuals, please visit our volunteer page here and follow the steps to volunteer your services. ​

  • Sheriff's Office Chaplains | Suffolk County Sheriffs Office

    Sheriff's Office Chaplains The Suffolk County Sheriff's Office Chaplaincy program was establish on April 26, 2018 by Suffolk County Sheriff Dr. Errol D. Toulon, Jr. The purpose of the Sheriff's Chaplaincy Program is to provide interfaith emotional and spiritual counsel to Sheriff's Office employees and their families during times of need and heightened stress, and work in collaboration with the Interfaith Council. ​ The Sheriff’s Chaplaincy Program assists Suffolk County Sheriff’s Office employees by providing the following services: ​ Render spiritual guidance, aid in fostering personal growth, and offer moral support in crisis situations, in an atmosphere of understanding and confidentiality. Counsel and support sworn officers, civilian employees, and their family members, in personal matters and family difficulties, and provide referral resources when applicable. Visits to sick or injured officers in the hospital or at home when requested. Assist Sheriff’s Office personnel in making notifications to the families of officers who have been seriously injured, or upon the death of a member of the Sheriff’s Office. Participate in religious services for deceased members and offer support to the families of the deceased. Attend and offer prayers at official Sheriff’s Office functions: i.e. Memorial Services, graduations, and award ceremonies. All requests are coordinated through the Director of the Chaplains Program. When requested, assist Sheriff’s Office personnel (and the Crisis Intervention Team) in emergency situations such as multi-casualty incidents, officer shot or seriously injured, and during major disasters. In “emergency” situations an available Chaplain can be reached (24 hours) by phone, through the Radio Office Supervisor. In non-emergency situations members may call on any Chaplain of their choice or, according to one’s individual religious affiliation. Although Sheriff’s Office Chaplains are affiliated with various religious denominations, they serve as Chaplains to the whole department in an ecumenical –interfaith role, regardless of an individual’s religious tradition or lack thereof. Suffolk County Sheriff's Office Chaplains: Father Joseph D'Angelo Read bio Sister Michelle Bremer Read bio Revere nd Charles A. Coverdale Read bio Reverend James P. McLaughlin Read bio Reverend Daris A. Dixon-Clark Read bio Pastor Alex W. Bryant Read bio Reverend John G. Fleischmann Read bio

  • New Hire Demographics | Sheriff's Office

    New Hire Demographics Policing Division March 29, 2021 October 25, 2021 April 13, 2021 January 18, 2022 Corrections Division March 03, 2021 November 29, 2021 October 25, 2021 May 16, 2022

  • FACILITIES | Suffolk County Sheriffs Office

    Facilities Riverhead Correctional Facility 100 Center Drive South Riverhead, NY 11901 (631) 852-2200 Directions to the Riverhead Correctional Facility: From the Long Island Expressway traveling east to exit 71. Make a right at the stop sign (heading east) for about 4 miles. Watch for the Correctional Facility on the right. From Sunrise Highway traveling east take exit 61. Follow the signs to County Rd 51- Riverhead. At Route 24 make a left. Go approximately a ¼ mile and watch for the Correctional Facility on the left. Yaphank Correctional Facility 200 Glover Drive Yaphank, NY 11980 (631) 852-2200 Directions to the Yaphank Correctional Facility: Take the Long Island Expressway to exit 67, Yaphank Avenue, and travel south for approximately 1.25 miles. Make a right onto Glover Drive. The Correctional Facility entrance is located at the end of Glover Drive. Civil Enforcement Bureau 360 Yaphank Avenue Yaphank, NY 11980 (631) 852-5600 Directions to the Civil Enforcement Bureau: Take the Long Island Expressway to exit 67, Yaphank Avenue, and travel south for approximately 0.75 miles and the Civil Enforcement Bureau will be on your right.

  • YES Tour | Suffolk County Sheriffs Office

    Youth Enlightenment Seminar "YES" Tour Every year, the Suffolk County Sheriff's Office opens our doors for thousands of students to take an in-depth tour of both our Riverhead and Yaphank Correctional Facilities. The tours give a realistic, first-hand glimpse into the inner workings of our correctional facilities and what a daily life as a correction officer and justice-involved individuals looks like. YES Tours are a great fit for criminal justice classes or students interested in pursuing a career in the criminal justice field . Who May Participate: Public and private schools throughout Suffolk County must apply on a lottery basis for the tours in the beginning of the school year. ​ How To Register: Registration dates will post during the summer and are available on a first-come, first-serve basis. Schools are allowed to book no more than four (4) tours of forty (40) students per academic school year. Students must be twelve (12) years or older and accompanied by a school faculty member. Information must be filled out in full. Please select your 4 dates, with an alternative date should one of your requested dates be booked already. You will receive an email confirmation with your dates once they have been approved and scheduled. ​ ​ YES Tour Registration ​ Registration for the YES Tours is available on a first-come, first-serve basis. YES Tour Requests for the 2023-2024 school year will open on Monday, September 11, 2023 at 12:00AM. Any requests made prior to this date and time will not be honored and will placed on the bottom of the request form. Schools are allowed to book no more than four (4) tours of forty (40) students per academic school year. Information must be filled out in full. Please select your four dates, with an alternative date should one of your requested dates be booked already. You will receive an email confirmation with your dates once they have been approved and scheduled. If you have any questions please do not hesitate to reach out. Number of Tours Requested (no more than four (4). One (1) Tour Two (2) Tours Three (3) Tours Four (4) Tours Submit Thank you for requesting a YES Tour. Please note that requested dates are not confirmed until one of our staff members contacts you. We will contact you shortly to confirm your dates.

  • Orders of Protection | Suffolk County Sheriff's Office

    Orders of Protection Orders of protection are issued by a judge to protect you from another person who is abusing, harassing, threatening, and/or intimidating you, or has committed a crime against you. Orders of protection are commonly issued in cases involving domestic violence, but may also be issued under other circumstances. ​ Types of Orders of Protection Family Court Order of Protection: A Family Court Order of Protection is issued as part of a civil proceeding to stop violence that is occurring within the family or within an intimate relationship. You may begin the process of obtaining a Family Court order of protection by filling out the Family Offense Petition . In order to obtain an order of protection in Family Court, your relationship to the other person involved must fall in at least one of the following categories: Current or former spouse. Someone with whom you have a child in common. A family member to whom you are related by blood or marriage. Someone with whom you have, or have had, an 'intimate relationship.' (An intimate relationship does not necessarily mean a sexual relationship. Family Court will consider several factors such as, but not limited to: "how often you see each other or how long you have known each other.") Criminal Court Order of Protection: An Assistant District Attorney may request a criminal court order of protection on your behalf. You do not need to have an intimate or personal relationship with the person charged with the offense. The judge decides whether to issue an order of protection, as well as the terms and conditions. Supreme Court Order of Protection: A Supreme Court order of protection can be issued as part of ongoing divorce or criminal proceeding. If you are involved in an ongoing divorce case and wish to request an order of protection, you must make a written request by Motion or Order to Show Cause, or an oral request at a court appearance. If an attorney is representing you in the case, the attorney can make the written or oral request on your behalf. The judge decides whether to issue an order of protection, as well as the terms and conditions. Orders of protection may be temporary or final: Temporary Order of Protection: Issued the same day that a complainant files for an order of protection and lasts only until the next court date, at which point it may be extended. Final Order of Protection: A final order of protection is issued when the case results in a conviction (whether by plea or after a trial) in criminal court or in family court after a judge finds that a family offense was committed. Orders of protection may be full or limited: Full Order of Protection: A full order of protection means that the subject of the order of protection must stay completely away from you, your home, job and school, and must not abuse, harass, or threaten you. Limited Order of Protection: A limited order of protection allows the subject of the order of protection to maintain contact with you. However, the subject cannot abuse, harass, or threaten you. Serving Family or Supreme Court Orders of Protection For legal reasons, you may not serve your own order of protection. Orders of protection will be served in court by the judge if the defendant/respondent is present. ​ The Suffolk County Sheriff's Office may serve your Order of Protection. This service is free of charge. Once the Sherriff's Office has served the respondent, they will provide you with a signed statement that says the service has been completed. If the Sheriff's office is unable to deliver the order of protection after several attempts, they must provide you with a signed statement that includes the dates and times of each attempt. ​ An order of protection does not guarantee your safety. It is important that you have a safety plan should the person violate the order of protection. Violating an Order of Protection It is a crime to violate a temporary or final order of protection. If an individual violates the order of protection, you should report it to the police. In an emergency call 911 and the individual will be arrested. In a non-emergency, you may file a violation of the order of protection by going to a police precinct. If you have a Family Court order of protection, you may go to Family Court and file the violation, you may report the violation to the police or choose to do both. If you file a violation of the order of protection only in Family Court, the subject who violated the order might not be arrested. Learn more about an order of protection . ​ ​ ​ Extreme Risk Protective Order Please be advised that effective August 24, 2019 the NYS Supreme Courts may begin issuing an Extreme Risk Protective Order when a person may be dangerous to themselves or others. Please see the New York Courts website regarding how an order may be obtained. ​ ​ An Extreme Risk Protective Order (ERPO) is a court order issued when a person may be dangerous to themselves or others. An ERPO prohibits a person from purchasing or possessing guns and requires the person to surrender any guns they already own or possess. An ERPO can also direct the police to search a person, premises or a vehicle for guns and remove them. An ERPO case may be started by a district attorney, a police officer, a school official, or a member of the person’s family or household. It is a civil case. ERPO cases have no criminal charges or penalties. ​ The petitioner is the person filing the ERPO application with the court. The respondent is the person you are asking the Court to issue an ERPO against. The petitioner can be a district attorney, a police officer, a school official, or a member of the respondent’s family or household. ​ ​ Crime Victims Information Suffolk County Sheriff Errol D. Toulon is pleased to announce that the Sheriff's Office participates in the Order of Protection Notification System (OPNS) . The program is available to anyone who registers to receive alerts regarding Family Court-issued orders of protection in Suffolk County -- and provides a text, email, phone or fax notification to alert victims when Deputy Sheriffs serve a Family Court Order of Protection to a perpetrator on their behalf. Victims can also use the VINE resource to look up inmates and receive alerts regarding their release. Register for alerts by visiting the NYS Sheriffs Institute Victims Services page linked below. Please have your docket number and order of protection number available at the time of registration.​ ​ If you or someone you know is a victim of domestic violence, the following organizations in Suffolk County can offer support and guidance. However, please call 911 if you or someone you know is in immediate danger. To learn more about making an application for a court order of protection, please visit the Unified Court System website. ​ If you need assistance, counseling or advice, call one of the organizations listed below: Crime Victims Center (631) 689-2672 The Retreat (631) 329-2200 Long Island Against Domestic Violence (631) 666-8833 Victims Information Bureau of Suffolk (Known as VIBS) (631) 360-3606 NYS Courts Steps to Apply for an ERPO

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